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ACE Biomedical Engineering

A reliable technical equipment restorer with personalised service solutions.

ACE Biomedical Engineering repair and maintain medical and scientific equipment across multiple industries. We work with organisations to assist with the management of technical service for equipment; identifying issues and finding solutions to solve malfunctions ensures the equipment is operating seamlessly again.

As a leading resource for health care equipment service management and delivery, we’re equipped to fix general biomedical equipment, laboratory instrumentation, aesthetic lasers, anaesthesia systems or electro-mechanical devices, no matter who made it. You can trust your equipment is in good hands and your customers will be looked after professionally.

Our Story

In 1999, a demand for the professional maintenance and repair of medical and laboratory equipment was identified. And so, ACE Biomedical Engineering was inspired to close the gap by delivering reliable, honest and certified services to ensure the industry standards were upheld and repairs were conducted correctly, the first time. Doing our job promptly and resourcefully enables organisations to continue their groundbreaking explorations.

Our Backbone

Integrity: provide a genuine and reliable approach to all areas of service.
Commitment: act in accordance to client expectations and fulfil needs.
Accountability: acknowledge and assume responsibility for actions, decisions, and policies.
Balance: establish and uphold the key foundations of a healthy work-life balance.

Our difference

Precisely diagnosing the problem is paramount to how we operate. With two decades of industry experience, we have developed the knowhow to work diligently on various equipment and technology to find innovative solutions.

Our services enable your attention to be focused on selling more instruments that enhance the end user. By adding value with maintenance and repair services not only provide convenience but reassurance that the equipment will operate correctly.

ACE Biomedical Engineering is equipped with:

  • Highly skilled service engineers (electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, optics and fluidics).
  • Professional service procedures – including a detailed service database.
  • Fully insured and registered.


Antony Cosic holds integrity, ownership and quality workmanship at the forefront of everything he partakes.

You name it, and he has probably fixed it. With over 20 years experience of technical development, support, and training in specialised Engineering environments, he is equipped with the knowhow to repair broken equipment and offer resourceful solutions. Antony founded ACE Biomedical Engineering to meet industry demands and offer innovative solutions tailored to each client.

Outside of business, his a family man that enjoys the richness life experiences through meeting successful people, trying new food experiences, fishing, motor sports, attending cultural events, and science and technology exhibitions.
His down to earth nature makes conversations easy.

What We are Doing


The delicate process undertaken to maintain equipment ensures it remains in sound condition. With the convenience of having maintenance services performed both onsite and offsite to suit your requirements. Calibrated test equipment is used to verify settings and operating specifications, which keeps instruments functioning and lessens the risk of a breakdown occurring.

With a growing business and time critical services, preventative maintenance schedules can be delayed unforseealbly. We can help you keep your equipment maintenances scheduled and completed on time, with expert care and professional service.


Equipment breakdowns occur suddenly, which is disruptive to schedules and severely impacts productivity. An instrument malfunction is due to deterioration of parts and requires urgent attention to restore the equipment to normal operation. A repair can be promptly facilitated with informed and reliable engineers to ensure equipment is restored.

When your service team is stretched and customers are demanding a service visit, we can step in and lend a hand to get your customers back up and running with minimal downtime.


Handling all aspects of your technical service requirements across all equipment installed. Continuously monitoring and tracking the lifecycle of equipment ensures optimal performance and longevity. With a regular service, it’s an investment to maintain fully functioning workstations.

We can provide you a personalised service solution. Dealing with all aspects of managing an equipment installed base, we can design and develop a system that works best for you. When you need to increase service efficiency and keep costs down, we can provide the solution.


Pathology equipment is delicate and serves a vital role in clinical diagnosis of health issues. The precision robotics, and the high speed, high throughput instruments require highly skilled engineers to keep them running at their peak, ensuring your customers are getting the most out of their investment.

The equipment we specialise in: Immuno Assay analysers, Chemistry analysers and Haematology analysers. Further, we repair anatomical pathology equipment such as embedding centres, microtomes, cryostats, and tissue processors.

Life Science

As life science equipment is primarily used for research, repair and maintenance is undertaken with utmost precision to solely protect the instruments. The specialised nature of the equipment requires intimate knowledge of the modalities used and their operating principles, to get the equipment working for its intended purpose.

Servicing an array of equipment but not exclusive to: Flow Cytometers, Magnetic Cell Separators, Microplate Readers, Thermocyclers, Gel Documenters, Mass Spectrometers, and High Pressure Liquid Chromatography systems.


Aesthetic lasers incorporating cutting edge designs and technologies, require a thorough understanding of their application, and principles of operation. From dental lasers to aesthetic lasers, we’ve got you covered. We service filter changes, cooling system flushes, flash tube replacements, diode replacements and handpiece repairs. Our testing and maintenance is professional, thorough and performed to the highest standards. Your customers will appreciate the care and dedication given to their instrument.

Instruments include: IPL equipment, RF technology, solid state laser diodes, Nd:YAG, q-switched, Alexandrite, pulsed dye and CO2; to name a few.


A crucial element to maintaining biomedical equipment is abiding by the standard: AS/NZS 3551:2012 Management programs for medical equipment. We provide repairs and certification to the standard along with electrical safety testing in accordance with IEC 60601.

The list of devices includes: Vital Signs monitors, Calf compressors (DVT), Defibrillators, Thermometers, Sphygmomanometers, Electrosurgical Units, Infusion Pumps, and Anaesthetic Machines. Additionally, conduct testing of RCD’s in Body and Cardiac protected areas.

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